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Premier Youth & Men's Soccer Club

Croatia Norval SC 

Croatia Norval Coaches

Croatia Norval House League and Rep League coaches are all volunteers.  Those who are interested in becoming a coach must fill out a volunteer coaching application form which can be found on our website.  A current Vulnerable Sector Screening is required for all coaches 18 years and older.  Police checks are valid for 2 years and can be reimbursed if the original copy is issued to the Croatia Norval Soccer Club. Coaches must be at least 18 years of age. 

Coaches will automatically receive their child on their team (if the coach does not have a child they can select one player).  If the coach has an assistant coach, then their child will be the child who is coached by that team of coaches.  


No previous formal soccer or coaching experience is necessary to volunteer to coach House League.  All coaches will be required to complete Coaching Certification provided by Ontario Soccer Association (OSA).  Croatia Norval does ask for exemplary commitment, communication, skill development and fair play from all coaches.  Croatia Norval does offer further coaching development opportunities and coaches will be guided and supported by the Technical Director and his staff.  

For courses and requirements check here.

What House League Coaches Do/Provide

Fun, enjoyable experience for the participants

Instruction in soccer skills as set out by the club

Introduction of team skills

Introduction to positional play and individual roles on the team (age appropriate)

Encourage self confidence and individual skill development through positive reinforcement

Introduce and encourage the concepts of fair play and good sportsmanship


Coach 1 or more games per week depending on age group

Conduct practices


Attend Coach information sessions which will be held before and during the season with the Operating Committee

Communicate with parents (i.e: practice/game times, refreshment/snack schedule and other Croatia Norval related events). 

This responsibility is typically shared with or owned by the Team Manager

Knowledge of and adherence to the Ontario Soccer Association Code of Conduct

Ensure parents and players abide by the Parent/Player Code of Conduct 

Complete game sheets (where required)

Be prepared to referee if required

Ensure player safety is paramount

Keep accurate records as mandated 

Be a positive role model