OSA Phase Alignment with Provincial Phases


Croatia Norval Soccer Club

Halton Region has entered level Red “Control” in Ontario’s COVID-19 Response Framework. As a result, Croatia Norval Soccer Club will enter Phase 1 of Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play.

Croatia Norval Soccer Club  has been working with stakeholders to prepare programs and activities that align with social distancing as well as the Return to Play (RTP) Plan and Halton Region guidelines. This resource hub will be used to share up-to-date information, along with useful resources for all guardians, participants, match officials, coaches, and volunteers. Please remember, a well informed membership is the best way to keep players, coaches, volunteers, and community members safe.


Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Plan consists of a three (3) phase approach that includes:

Phase 1: Return to Training (modified training)
Restrictions: No contact, no league, exhibition, festival or tournament
Remain 2M (6ft) apart
Individual training, no group drills

Phase 2: Return to Training and Modified Games (enhanced training & modified games)
Restrictions: No league, exhibition, festival or tournament games
Intra-squad modified games permitted (only within the club)
Physical contact minimized
Social distancing measures are relaxed further

Phase 3: Phase 3: Return to Soccer (regular competition, games and training)
Restrictions: None
Social distancing restrictions have been lifted
Regular competition, games and training

As we begin play in Phase 1, Croatia Norval SC has devised the following Safety Covid Measures:

1. Staggered start times. No loitering permitted on fields. Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes
prior to your session and leave the fields immediately following.
2. Smaller group ratios to meet Ontario Provincial standard.
3. Group/team sessions spread wide apart to avoid any crossover on fields.
4. Limiting family attendance to one immediate family member.
5. Spectator viewing area: Designated space away from the fields for family member.
6. One designated entrance and one designated exit onto the playing field.
7. Hand Sanitizer Station will be clearly marked at the facility. Masks are encouraged when possible.
8. Limiting physical interaction and games.
9. Any player or family member not feeling well will be asked stay home.
10. All players water bottles must be marked clearly and easily identifiable.
11. No sharing of equipment (cleats, shinpads, pinnies).
12. Participation will be limited to the ages and levels that can understand and adhere to the
distancing measures and recommendations issued by the Provincial Government.
13. No spitting by players, coaches and parents.
14. All non-essential contacts should be avoided (handshakes, high fives, etc).
15. No heading, chest or hand contact with the ball (feet only).