Competitive Teams, U13+ are highly skilled competitive players who love to train and compete.  

Our program is comprehensive and approaches a players development physically and mentally.

In addition to functional individual skill, position awareness, formation strategies, we incorporate strength and conditioning initiatives.  This helps players reduce the risk of injury whilst building a healthy body that is prepared for extensive training and competition.

Other features: 

Video Game Analysis

Included GK Training

Teams will train 3-4x/week and compete in league play and local and travel tournaments.

ADP - Advanced Development Program

U8 - U12

(2014 - 2010)

Players who are accepted into the program will take part in a year round program including the Summer Outdoor season & Fall/Winter Season.  

Teams train 2-3x/week and play games in a district or regional league. ​

Game Format (incl. GK):

U8 5v5

U9/U10 - 7v7

U11/U12 - 9v9 

Teams participate in tournaments and may include travel.

Training Program will include focus on core fundamentals, individual skill development, positional awareness and execution.  Strength and Conditioning with attention to speed, agility and explosiveness create the basis for training and development.

If interested in joining one of our teams, please visit the "Team Contacts" Page and reach out for more information & to set up an evaluation.

Grassroots &

(2018 - 2015)

Croatia Norval SC 


(2009 - 2004)

Recreational & Competitive Youth & Men's Soccer Club

Grassroots Program:   

This program is for the beginners and starts at U4 - U6. (Currently, birth years 2018 - 2016)

Pre- Advanced Development Program

This is for the U7 Birth Year (Currently 2015's) This is the season that they are transitioning from grassroots and preparing to potentially take the step towards "advanced development" and league wide competitive play.