​2010 Boys / U10
This team is having a blast competing MYISL for the indoor season.   If interested in this age group or more info - contact below.

Contact:  rturudic@gmail.com

​2010 Girls / U10

This Elite Group is so far undefeated in their indoor league.  As they move to 9v9 competition there are a couple of spots open for some fierce girls who are interested!

Contact:  info@croatianorval.com

2005 Boys


​2011 Girls / U9

Enthusiastic group of new competitors are having fun learning the game and developing.  There are a few spots open to join this group!

Contact:  dubakav@yahoo.com

​2012 Boys/ U8

This group is in midst of a very successful season playing indoor Futsal.  A high performing team has space for a couple of boys.

Contact:  peter_curic@hotmail.com

Outdoor 2020 - REP Team Contacts

​2008 Girls / U12

This is what a team should be!  Work hard / play hard!  As they prepare for their final season before 11v11 competition - reach out if interested in joining this group as their roster expands!


The following teams have OPEN roster spots  for the Outdoor 2020 Season

Outdoor 2020 - Roster Spots Available

​2012 Girls / U8

This group of girls will be starting their Festival Competitions this outdoor season.  Be a part of a brand new team and see how great it is to be a part of something special!

Contact:  info@croatianorval.com

​2011 Boys/ U9

This fun group of boys has been having a blast playing its first indoor season in MYISL.  The future looks bright or this group.  If interested - contact below.

Contact:  anarado100@gmail.com

​2009 Boys / U11
With high performing Target and Development Teams - excellent coaching and a full program that focuses on every facet of a players development - this group is impressive.  Looking for a couple of players and specifically a GOALIE!!

Contact:  agrubesic@orion.ca

​2009 Girls / U11
This is a NEW Team that is being formed at CNSC.  If interested, please attend an Open House / Info Session on Sunday Jan 26 at 7pm. 

Norval Main Hall

9118 Winston Churchill Blvd, Norval

Contact:  info@croatianorval.com

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